Since I've been trying use Readability for quite a while on my Android phone and just found out how to do so today, I'm posting it here :)

For those who don't know Readability, it's a bookmarklet that, once triggered, will remove all layout of a website, only to keep the contents. It's really useful when reading pretty much any article.

Since phones have a very limited space to display content, it's often painful to zoom in and try to fit an article's text in the screen. Readability is really helpful here.

Since Android's browser doesn't allow bookmarking javascript, we'll have to trick him a bit.

First, go to and customize your layout.

Then copy the link


Then, go to Pastebin to paste the javascript you just copied


(triggered their antispam here)

You'll get an url that you will be able to type inside your Android browser (that's a pain, be careful of lower/upper case)

Once you get the Pastebin url on your phone, just long "click" (press) on the textarea (not the first block ;) to copy the link in your phone's clipboard


Then, go to your bookmarks, add a new one, and just paste the link using the long click on the Location field


And your done, now you just have to visit that bookmark when reading an article to trigger the script readme.png